W2 Industries

Innovation For The Next Generation

W2 Industries provides quality consumables, general and reference chemicals, computer and scientific laboratory equipment for the educational institutions including Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, agricultural and electrochemistry sectors. W2 is the innovative laboratory supplier working closely with organizations, Schools, Universities and private companies in setting up laboratories all over Africa.

“ Today W2 Industries is growing rapidly, with several projects completed, dozens of on-going projects, and several new opportunities.”

Our goal is to transform the trajectory of education, business operations and innovation within Africa through infrastructure and production development.  



Years of Experience

Our Product range includes

The same innovation and dedication to quality that built our early following of loyal customers is still evident in the products we make and sell, even as we expand to meet the needs of new analytical techniques. Our engineering capabilities and technical expertise combined with the superb products that we offer make W2 a truly unique resource, committed to providing the highest quality services and merchandise to our customers.